Teacher assisting college student in a computer lab

Cook Systems has emerged as a true creative thought leader in the important work of providing badly needed answers and solutions for American IT needs. An IT solutions company based in Memphis, TN, Cook Systems has dominated the Mid-South region since inception in 1994 and has created a vast national footprint.

Today, Cook branches span the country, wherever greater needs abound. Our services are marketed to all 50 states and find their way to new friends looking for answers to tough questions.

Our foundation is the team of amazing people who have given their minds and hearts to this great company over these 26 years to raise the bar on what American ingenuity can do when pressed against the wall of overwhelming cheap overseas competitors.

Cook Systems is a leading Systems Integrator and provider of Information Technologies, Business Travel technologies, Consulting services, Solutions, and Staffing. We deliver the best offerings of both niche providers and the big management-consulting firms with lower cost and higher flexibility.

Our core competencies include the full range of Information Technologies development, testing, project management and deployment services together with business process and risk management services and consulting. We have a strong industry focus on Solutions and Services for the Travel and Transportation Logistics Industries and the Government sector.

We excel in offering tailor-made I.T. Solutions to both Fortune 1000 companies and government entities using cutting edge technology and unequaled innovation.

Aside from unparalleled software delivery services as a world-class Solution provider, we lead undeniably in many fields, and the future is brighter for not only our customers and partners, but for the overall IT future of our country.

Cook Systems, Inc., is a highly innovative source of developer talent who have undergone immersion training in everything needed to create enterprise-level applications in the real world. They come equipped with the skills and hands-on experience in team dynamics required to get development work done, while costing far less than more seasoned talent.

Through our FastTrack’D program, we have purposely created the business model that crafts domestic American workers in Java/.Net, and testing excellence that cannot and will not be duplicated. It is designed purposely to provide mass scaling of badly needed resources of American domestic origins and at cost strategies that purposely beat down off shore competition at every level.

With core competency and advantage of having the smartest , highest value, deployable personnel the spawning of specialty verticals are already being offered to new friends and customers – Such a Big Data and Cloud Services including Micorservices. And, soon, we will publicly announce the creation of The National Software Testing Center, to be built in Memphis and to be a higher value answer for companies finding less desirable answers in time zones far away.

We offer solutions to direct customers, partner technology solutions companies, communities in need of technology resources and IT professionals looking for the next challenge.

Cook is a home for honest, trustworthy and hard-working professionals. It is our honor to see employees and customers depend on the bonds of partnership, which get stronger every year.

That’s the trait of a great company. Making a difference.

That’s Cook.