At Cook Systems, we are dedicated to our hometown.

From the Pyramid to Cooper Young to Shelby Farms (and beyond), we love Memphis. The food is unrivaled. The spirit is unparalleled. And the untold stories are numerous.

We also believe in the city’s future and are committed agents of change – with its benefit in mind. There is no doubt that a national solution to America’s IT challenges can begin here. We believe that the good character and work ethic of the people of Memphis will lead (with some assistance) to a work-class skilled workforce that will see Memphis as a destination for industry-leader technology.

That is why we are working to create the National Software Testing Center here and have partnered with Tech901, a new non-profit with a mission to help grow the technology workforce in Memphis.

We invite all business partners and team members to come learn more about us and the city that helps define who we are.