Cook Systems’ approach to web-based application development is “model-driven” as advocated by the Object Management Group’s Model Driven Architecture and SOA methodologies.

This approach allows a vendor-neutral, platform-independent model of the application’s user interface, business rules, persistent data and application control flow.

This model is then used to generate one or more application instances on open or proprietary platforms, such as Linux/Java .NET, Web Methods, Objective “C”, iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile platforms.

By separating the business application from the technology specifics of the deployment platform, Cook Systems leverages our expertise to help our clients “future-proof” their investment in new application development.

Through our Java Alliance program, we are able to offer an innovative new source of developers from a 100% domestic talent pool The program puts high-potential candidates through an intensive training program that turns out world-leading developers with all the fundamental skills and hands-on experience needed to make an immediate contribution to client projects.  They know how to do the job, are backed by a strong support network, and are more available and affordable than other alternatives.

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