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FastTrack’D has changed the game for Java/.Net/Mainframe software development. A rigorous 5-step screening process, followed by an intensive 8-week course of study produces enterprise level software developers ready to contribute to client projects on day one.

FastTrack’D is different. Candidates who earn acceptance into the program pay nothing (There is no application fee, either). That is right. There is no cost. And graduates who successfully complete the program may become full-time employees with benefits.


What can FastTrack’D mean for you?

A new life
A new career
An opportunity to prove yourself

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What can FastTrack’D mean for your business?

A new way to build projects
Cost savings
Guaranteed results

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What can membership in the FastTrack’D Partner Program mean for your business?

Satisfied clients
Guaranteed resources
Additional revenue

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Brilliant decision to try this program out.  They continue to develop skills and professional approach to work, etc…
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