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The FastTrack’D Program was created as a direct result of difficulties we at Cook Systems were experiencing in the marketplace:

  • Demand and competition for Java Developers at all-time high worldwide
  • Limited Visa Quotas constrain supply
  • Retention of Quality is Low
  • Uncontrolled Turnover
  • Staffing forces all to rely on unsubstantiated resumes (a gamble)
  • Quality of skilled foreign Visa workforce is inconsistent
  • Productivity of typical contractors can be hit or miss
  • Even “leftover” workers are demanding premium prices

We have removed these issues from the discussion by creating an onshore production model for domestic Java/.Net/Mainframe software developers.

Our resources are built to deliver enterprise-level results on Day 1 and are tailored to meet industry needs: Their proficiencies include:

  • .Net C#/MVC Entity Framework Uncontrolled Turnover
  • Mainframe Cobol.JCL
  • ANT/Maven Build Automation
  • Spring/Struts Frameworks
  • Linux NFS/VPS Network Security
  • Singleton/Factory Design Patterns
  • SQL/JDBC Hibernate
  • P MVC/JSF/JMS Inversion of Control
  • jQuery/JavaScript/CSS3/Angular JS

Several cost-effective deployment models are available based on business needs.

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